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HTG engage

Mature and transition into a sustainably healthy business

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) want to grow their businesses but struggle to balance the operational practices with the big picture. If you’ve ever found yourself lacking in understanding the ‘what and why’ of operationally building a successful business and moving beyond just having a job, HTG engage can help.

Membership in HTG engage offers MSPs an environment to share ideas and learn best practices for growing their businesses responsibly and profitably. Our peer groups provide benchmarking and constructive feedback in a supportive, non-competitive environment. With a focus on learning operational basics, planning and goal-setting, our HTG engage members find the accountability and structure they need to succeed in business, and more importantly, in life.

You’ll participate in enriching, in-depth sessions focused on topics such as service delivery, finance, HR, back office functions, leadership, management, sales and marketing, employee relations, managed services, and vendor engagement. Each meeting you’ll learn and discuss business basics in a larger group environment and break up into small groups for accountability, goal setting and talking through the tough issues.

Meeting dates and locations can be found here.

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Learn what ‘Good’ looks like for your company, including Service Delivery, Sales, HR, Accounting and more. You’ll also discuss how to:
• Improve leadership and management skills
• Create personalized plans for business, leadership, life and legacy
• Build personal and professional relationships
• Grow management teams and leaders
• Learn hiring practices, checklists and onboarding processes
• Implement service team processes, metrics and KPIs
• Apply Service Leadership Index benchmarking and metrics
• Maximize the value of strategic vendor programs
HTG engage: 4 meets 4x year (quarterly)
HTG engage: 2 meets 2x year (bi-annually)

In addition to the meetings, there are check-in phone calls during the year. Membership is for the company and we encourage multiple attendees from each company. Both HTG engage groups consist of 10-12 member companies organized in non-competing geographic markets.

HTG engage: 4 membership is  $5,000/annual.
– meets 4x year (quarterly)
HTG engage: 2 membership is $3,500/annual.
– meets 2x year (bi-annually)
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Interested in joining an HTG engage: 4 peer group (meets quarterly)? Click the link to fill out an application for membership.
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Interested in joining an HTG engage: 2 peer group (meets bi-annually)? Click the link to fill out an application for membership.
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