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Transformational Leadership

“Influence Through Accountability” with Dr. Larry Little

Wednesday, November 14th
8:55am – 11:15am

This session will give you the understanding and tools you need to hold yourself and others accountable to other people, obligations you have made, and the dreams and goals you have set. Achieve more by influencing and challenging others in ways you’ve never thought of.

Attend the session and grab your free copies of “Influence Through Accountability” and “Larry’s Leadership Moments.”

dr-_larry_little_eagle_center_for_leadershipDr. Larry Little is a seasoned visionary, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach.  As principal partner and CEO of Eagle Consulting, Eagle Center for Leadership, and the Enrichment Center Group, he walks with leaders both nationally and internationally. His executive coaching footprint spans from Kashmire, India, to Washington D.C. Additionally, he is a much sought after speaker and conference leader.

His leadership approach is rooted in the power of relationships: understanding one’s own personality and the personalities of those one leads. His work focuses on challenging leaders to strategically perform at a higher level in order to make a difference.