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Building A Sales Engine 2.0

Wednesday, August 9th

Time Event Speaker
8:00am Welcome HTG Leadership
8:05am to 10:30am Getting to Yes: Converting Prospects to Clients

You will discover…

  • Qualifying a prospect
  • Definitions of success for follow-up
  • Commonalities of when we won business
  • What to expect in the follow-up process

How to create a follow-up plan including closing tactics

Steve Riat and Nate Austin
10:30am to 10:45am Break
10:45am to 11:45am Selling a Solution

You will discover…

  • The secret to profitability
  • How to clearly define solution sets
  • Actions you can take to become a “go-to-partner” with key vendor partners
  • Tips on training the team on a specific solution
  • How to help a salesperson to successfully deliver an evaluation
  • How to tie business pains to solutions

Going beyond the business pain to delivering a solution: Defining solution and budget

Nate Austin and Steve Riat
11:45am to 12:00pm Closing HTG Leadership

**Building a Sales Engine will be captured and the recorded content made available within a week of the event.**