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Wednesday, January 31st | Transformational Leadership

9:00am Welcome  HTG Leadership
9:05 to 9:20am Thought Leadership  TBD
9:20 to 10:30am Leading from Your Core, Special Guest Speaker Dave King

Dave King had no choice. A tragedy had occurred in the NASA community and it affected our entire nation. The Shuttle Columbia had disintegrated upon reentry and all 7 crew members had been killed.  He was called upon to answer the essential question ….How could this have happened? Dave shares what he learned as he assembled a team and embarked on a journey of discovery. Leadership Lessons from the Columbia is a powerful and much needed presentation of how to lead from your core.

Dr. Larry Little
and Dave King
10:30 to 10:45am Break
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Breakout 1:

What is it that drives you? Do you really have the respect of your team? How do you make important decisions? This session with Dr. Larry Little will equip you with solid leadership tools that allow you to gain the respect of others. You will walk away challenged to lead at the next level on a personal and professional basis.

Breakout 2:

What is it that makes some customer relationships difficult? How can you improve the relationships you have with in your team? This session will focus on developing organizational measurement of performance and accountability .

  • The Ability to Create a Culture of Accountability
  • The Ability to Quantify Your Vision
  • The Skills to become Aware of Your Vital Strategic Relationships
  • The Ability to Navigate Important Relationships

Breakout 3:

What does a healthy team look like? Is your team firing on all cylinders? This session focuses on creating a reality awareness of how your team is functioning. You will examine the process of building trust with in your key work relationships and gain practical tools that will strengthen your team.

Breakout 4:

What is the current season of your leadership? What is the most effective role you should be playing? This session will challenge you to take an honest look at the present and the future of your company but more importantly your leadership.

  • The Skills to Evaluate Your Season of Leading
  • The Courage to Determine Your Most Effective Role
  • The Ability to Assess Your Personal Leadership Skills

dr-_larry_little_eagle_center_for_leadershipDr. Larry Little is a seasoned visionary, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach.  As principal partner and CEO of Eagle Consulting, Eagle Center for Leadership, and the Enrichment Center Group, he walks with leaders both nationally and internationally. His executive coaching footprint spans from Kashmire, India, to Washington D.C. Additionally, he is a much sought after speaker and conference leader.

His leadership approach is rooted in the power of relationships: understanding one’s own personality and the personalities of those one leads. His work focuses on challenging leaders to strategically perform at a higher level in order to make a difference.


David King is CEO of Dynetics and a member of the board of directors. He joined the company in 2009 as executive vice president and manager of the Integrated Systems and Special Programs Operating Unit and soon after established the Space Division. He was named company president in October 2013 and served in that position until becoming CEO in July 2015. King has 30 years’ experience in space systems development and operations. In 2009, he retired from NASA as the center director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, where he was responsible for overseeing 7,000 on-site employees and contractors and a $2.7 billion budget. He is a former space shuttle launch director and director of shuttle processing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He played key roles in more than 100 space shuttle missions during his tenure at NASA and led the Columbia recovery team following the 2003 accident. He then led the Marshall Space Flight Center team through “Return to Flight” efforts.

He is an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) fellow. He has been recognized for his leadership and technical achievements with such awards as the National Space Club Goddard Memorial Trophy, the NASA Medal for Distinguished Service, two NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals, both the Distinguished and Meritorious Presidential Rank Awards as a career senior executive, and the AIAA’s Holger Toftoy Award for outstanding technical management.