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We go way back.

HTG and Datto’s journey began back in 2009. Now, more than half of all HTG members are partnered with Datto, which really speaks volumes to our relationship together.

Datto’s strengthened commitment includes some exciting things exclusively for HTG members — like helpful resources, tools, private user groups, an instant messenger tool for feedback and questions, and guaranteed response within 48 hours.

HTG offers membership with peer group meetings focused on topics such as leadership, management, sales and marketing, employee relations, managed services, and vendor engagement. The groups provide confidential and transformative environments for personal and professional growth. Meetings focus on critical foundations, including:

• Improving leadership and management skills
• Gaining strategies for sustainable growth
• Creating personalized plans for business, leadership, life and legacy
• Developing management teams and leaders
• Managing and compensating sales staff
• Learning hiring practices, checklists and onboarding processes
• Implementing service team processes, metrics and KPIs
• Applying Service Leadership Index benchmarking and metrics
• Maximizing the value of strategic vendor programs
• And much more…

We are proud to be a recognized Datto Partner and look forward to many more years together!

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HTG is an international consulting, coaching and peer group organization that cultivates success by igniting personal, leadership, business and legacy transformation. Members navigate their journey with world-class HTG consultants and facilitators who value sharing wisdom, providing accountability and building meaningful relationships, Igniting Transformation™ every step of the way. HTG invites you to explore the program that suits you best, and apply today to begin experiencing The HTG Way.

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