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Building a Sales Engine (BASE)


If there is one issue that has plagued many HTG members from the beginning and continues to be an ongoing source of frustration, it would be Sales.

Whether it is transitioning from principal led sales to hiring and managing multiple sales people, partnering with marketing to generate leads, or building a sales process with key activities that will help to sustain momentum, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Sometimes building a sales engine feels equivalent to the challenge of scaling Mt. Everest.

Where can members look to find someone who has successfully “been there, done that?” Where can they find trusted guides who will walk with them and provide coaching along the way to the summit?

Thankfully HTG does have members who have built strong sales engines. And they are Go Givers who want to share what they have learned with you!

Join us for BASE camp and learn from experienced guides Jeanne Hopkins, CMO of Continuum and HTG vendor peer group member; Nathan Austin, VP of Business Development at Mytech and HTG1 member; and Steve Riat, Sales Manager at Nex-Tech and facilitator of HTG3 & HTG20 as they journey with you.