PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (part 4)

The fourth aspect of replenishment involves managing our spiritual energy well.  The word spiritual does have a connection to faith and our reliance on God or a higher power, but it is broader than that. It also encompasses a sense of identity and purpose.  Spiritual energy involves connecting with our deeply held core values and [...]

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The Need for Replenishment

Recently I read the story of a leader whose name and job could have been swapped out for many of the hundreds of leaders we work with.  We’ll call him Ryan. Ryan gave voice to a what is unfortunately far too common, saying, “When I first started my career I was passionate and energized.  I [...]

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Blog Series: Six Lies Between You and Success: The Next Three Lies (part 2)

In our walk through the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan we have been examining the six lies between you and success. In my previous two posts we examined the lie that jumped out most at me: Lie #1: Everything Matters Equally. We examined characteristics of someone who has believed that [...]

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Leveraging the Power of Perspective

Perspective.  What exactly does that mean today and why is it important?  Over the last year I’ve come to truly appreciate the importance of perspective when it comes to planning.  It is a core element to the Paterson Center tools – StratOp and LifePlan – where about 2/3 of the focus is actually taking a [...]

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