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Success Stories

“Our mission at HTG is to walk alongside leaders and help them achieve their goals. HTG wants to provide the right framework with the right pieces in it; the things that are key for us are being able to deliver a fantastic peer experience with a set of facilitators to make that valuable every time they get together.”

– Arlin Sorensen, Founder & CEO, HTG

“In this industry, we’re usually working hard just to get through the day. Membership in HTG inspires us to a whole new level of leadership within our companies.”
“Peers are a lifeline. CEOs can feel inadequate, alone, overwhelmed. Our HTG group can reframe our thoughts, encourage and challenge us to things we never thought we could accomplish.”
Janice Huffstickler, President, Vann Data Services
“HTG is about partnership and accountability with best-in-class peers and vendors. We would not be where we are personally and professionally without the people in HTG.”
Matt Henderson, President, Litzia

“We knew our company needed help and some guidance — so we took the leap and decided to invest in [HTG]. We grew 40-45% in the first year. I always tell people – if you’re thinking about doing it, do it!”

– Janice & Tom Wyant, Wyant Computer Services