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This blog is about the power of peers in the IT space. It is designed as a place to share things I have learned the past 24+ years running a business as well as meeting the growing demands of business owners we experience leading the Heartland Tech Groups – a peer group network for IT business owners.

Why LifePlan?

I often am asked why I believe so strongly in helping people create a LifePlanTM for their lives.  The answer is quite simple.  Time is our most precious resource.  We live in a world where [...]

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Past, Present and Future – the power of strategic planning

Pete Sorensen and I have been spending a couple days with some of our key vendor members going through the Strategic Relationship Planning (SRP) process based on the StratOpTM tool that HTG has adopted as [...]

The Impact of M&A on the MSP Market

It’s all the rage right now.  Everyone seems to be a buyer or seller; some are even trying to play both sides of the M&A puzzle.  It is hard to find anyone who is not [...]

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HTG 100 Days Infographic

We're officially 100 days into the year and Q2 has started! HTG has welcomed 112 new members in 2016 through our Face-to-Face, Online, Service Executive and Continuum Peer Groups;making the difference in lives and businesses [...]

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Arlin’s Suggested Reading List

The Core Must Reads These are the ten books I recommend as the foundation of a strong business library.  While the Bible may seem like a strange first choice, I find that spending time in [...]

Attributes of Successful MSP’s

I’m fortunate to work with hundreds of MSP’s through our HTG Peer Groups each quarter, both here in North America as well as Europe and Australia/New Zealand.  Not only do we facilitate two-day interactions with [...]

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