About HTG

Founded in 2000 by Arlin Sorensen, HTG is an international community of experienced Managed Service Providers and IT industry vendors focused on business and personal growth, execution and accountability. HTG provides peer groups and coaching and consulting services, and has member companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Join over 450 peer group members who meet face-to-face or online to share, benchmark, learn and set goals. HTG is more than just a professional network — our members see development and growth in all aspects of their life and work through the encouragement and accountability of their peers.

Our Mission

We walk with leaders in life and business
to help them reach their desired
growth and legacy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect leaders by fostering
authentic relationships and opportunities for
sharing. We will become the leading framework for
peer interaction, personal growth and professional
development as we equip and inspire you
to make a difference.


Our Values


Our History