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The best communities are defined by common cause, a degree of interdependence and great trust. And the strength of a community is most apparent, not when times are good, but rather in how its people pull together and respond to a disaster or tragedy befalling a fellow member. It is this very special function of community that is fulfilled by the Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund.

Whether it’s a disaster like fire or flood, or a personal crisis such as death or divorce, unfortunate events can have a terrible impact on a business’s operation. Established by HTG Peer Groups members, Hands That Give provides associated small business owners with essential financial assistance or donated equipment and services that will help carry their companies through such difficult times. By standing together in support of peers, colleagues, and friends, we’ll help them see the return of brighter days.

Please join me in taking this opportunity to foster a true sense of community within the HTG Peer Groups by making a Hands That Give contribution.


Arlin Sorensen
Founder & CEO, HTG

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How it All Started

The Dream

Years ago I had a dream that we could build a culture that would become focused on giving rather than taking – on helping rather than receiving – on making a difference rather than collecting stuff for self. God gave me a vision for what is now called Hands That Give. The idea of a community coming together behind a cause – funded by giving rather than dues or billing – where members would give from their success to help others who were in need. That seed was planted in my mind very early in the HTG story.

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