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8 Tips to Better Networking

I am going to admit something to you: I have a funny hobby.  I am a people watcher.  I like to study human behavior and learn from what I see. At our most recent HTG [...]

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Coach’s Corner: Are incentive systems unethical?

Dear Coach: I know of some MSP competitors that use incentive systems to encourage techs to help find new work at existing clients. I think it’s crazy and downright wrong to encourage people to push [...]

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3 Tips for Making Time to Think

We are all hoping for a stroke of genius.  That next great idea.  Insight into what to change to improve our current offerings. When I lived in Asia think time was built in because I [...]

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“Hum-bility” – Leadership Lessons I Learned Sailing Lake Superior

I didn’t have a clue how to sail that day when I was 18.  I hoisted the sail in that small dingy; by trial and error I figured it out.   I didn’t know what to [...]

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Connection = Happiness & Long Life?

Connection is powerful.  Science proves it. A study of nearly 3000 Americans found that those with close friendships are less likely to die young.  The author of The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make [...]

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3 Ways Community Matters

I often get asked on airplanes or as I am volunteering in my city, “What do you do for a living?”  I always ask if they want the one minute reply (“I work in IT.”) [...]

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