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The Value of a Service Exec Peer Group: Three Members’ Perspectives

Since 2015 HTG has offered Peer Groups for Service Executives, with eight groups currently in North America and Europe and one group launching in the APAC region this winter.  These peer groups meet twice a [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment

Arlin Sorensen, Rich Anderson, and I are certified LifePlan facilitators.  Part of the LifePlan process involves teaching people about the need to create a replenishment cycle. They walk with clients to examine their habits around [...]

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Changing Our View of a Four Letter Word

We can learn a lot from toddlers.  Seriously.  This weekend I was able to go with my friend and her family (which included two toddlers) to an amusement park for a full day of fun [...]

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The Need for Replenishment

Recently I read the story of a leader whose name and job could have been swapped out for many of the hundreds of leaders we work with.  We’ll call him Ryan. Ryan gave voice to [...]

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8 Tips to Better Networking

I am going to admit something to you: I have a funny hobby.  I am a people watcher.  I like to study human behavior and learn from what I see. At our most recent HTG [...]

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Coach’s Corner: Are incentive systems unethical?

Dear Coach: I know of some MSP competitors that use incentive systems to encourage techs to help find new work at existing clients. I think it’s crazy and downright wrong to encourage people to push [...]

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