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Proven systems for growth and legacy

The HTG transform team of coaches and consultants walks with you to define and aid in achieving measurable outcomes that will move your personal and professional life toward success. With the HTG LifePlan® and StratOp® systems, you will grow in life and in business. These powerful and proven processes, led over several days by a certified team of facilitators, will help you achieve your desired growth and legacy.

HTG’s consulting and coaching team of seasoned professionals have led their own companies through a wide variety of situations and have proven track records.

Successful leaders have chosen to partner with HTG for consulting, coaching and learning the most important secret of effective leadership: self-leadership. We continue to partner alongside them as they go back to their companies and invest in their teams.

Consulting: HTG consultants can assess a situation and provide options or prescriptive guidance based on their experience to solve problems. They are able to guide a company and help overcome their current challenges.

  • Strategy/Business Planning
  • Business and Operational Analysis
  • Service Delivery Team Development
  • Transition Management
  • M&A Due Diligence Consulting

Coaching: HTG coaches don’t solve problems for you, but rather engage you in a way that allow you to discover the answer on your own through thoughtful, deliberate interaction and questioning. Coaching helps people learn to think and problem solve on their own.

  • Private Executive Sessions
  • Group Leadership Sessions
  • Team Communication
  • Employee Engagement Analysis
“We needed to make some changes to grow to the next level. The HTG business assessment focused our efforts, enabled us to grow smarter and gave us confidence for the journey ahead.”
“HTG coaching is a personal relationship built on trust and the strong business relationship follows. My coach has helped me uncover opportunities for success, personally and professionally, without which GCS would not be nearly as strong as it is today.”
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What Is A LifePlan?
A LifePlan is a one-on-one experience that takes place in a two-day engagement. Designed by Tom Paterson, LifePlan is a system that helps you discover how your unique design shapes your life mission and how these discoveries can be lived out in five domains of your life: Personal, Family, Vocation, Spiritual, and Community. This process pairs you with a skilled facilitator who is certified in the LifePlan process and has the ability to ask you questions that prompt thought and help you come away with a system designed to help you live life to the fullest.

Consider it a two-day investment with a guided process that is meant to lead toward helping you focus on your unique design and determine measurable actions that will help you walk out your mission.

What Is A StratOp?
A powerful and proven process, StratOp will help you grow a profitable and successful organization. It focuses your entire team around the same mission and vision, providing them with a clear plan to make it all a reality.
StratOp blends strategy (the art of managing tomorrow) with operations (the discipline of managing today, today). Woven throughout the entire process is a third component: the financial. Both strategy and operations must be financed, so StratOp weaves all three together to help your team succeed.

At the end of your three-day engagement, led by a certified HTG Facilitator, you will have a powerful plan and a motivated team moving toward a clarified vision with action initiatives that can be measured, incrementally installed, and adapted to change as necessary.

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“[The LifePlan] would be probably one of the humblest things you could do. If you are true to it, take it seriously and not filter anything back, then it can actually be life-changing for you.”
John Motazedi, CEO, SNC Squared
“StratOp forces our management team to be better and we are always looking for ways to be better. It gives us a structure to push us to the next level.”
Jack Safrit, President, Axxys Technologies

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