The Wheels on the Bus: Navigating Change (part 2)

In my first post in this series on navigating change, I shared the history of the business model transformations that the IT industry has seen over the past few decades.   I predicted that our ever evolving industry will continue to change but will do so faster and faster. While we have encountered change before and [...]

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The Wheels on the Bus: Navigating Change (part 1)

It’s that time of the year when we pull out the crystal ball and look forward.  2016 is pretty well in the books.  For the most part, outside of certain industries, it has been a good business year.  There were some outliers like oil and gas, and agriculture to name a couple of industries that [...]

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Issues Along the Path to Growth

In the October edition of the HTG Way I introduced a three part blog series on Growth.  In the first post we explored four different types of companies and the owner mindset of each in regard to growth and value.  The second post examined four different types of growth and began to discuss how to intentionally [...]

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3 Key Steps to Prepare to Sell Your Company

The marketplace is buzzing with M&A activity.  Seems everyone is either a buyer or seller or both, depending on the day.  As I watch a number of these transactions, or attempted transactions take place, there are some common things that you need to think through so you are ready to negotiate well when that time [...]

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Our Cornerstone: The Power of Legacy Thinking

The past five weeks have been a whirlwind of travel across continents and our own country. As I travel to all of these places I have the privilege of seeing people in the places where they live. Living in Iowa we see many houses made of wood. There are homes made of bricks or stucco or [...]

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Replenishment Cycle

One area that many entrepreneurs and leaders struggle with is making time to replenish themselves.  They have always used brute force to press on, with little or no focus on self-care and replenishment. After all, you don’t get things done while you’re sitting on the sideline taking a break.  Right?  It is working hard and [...]

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The Importance of Vendor Relationships

I am blessed in my role to have observed hundreds of MSP’s over the past 30 years, along with my own 27 year stint leading HTS to become an 18M+ company. Over that time I observed and experienced 5 key barriers to growth that I want to briefly tell you about, focusing on the fifth [...]

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Considering an Exit Strategy: A Business Legacy Conversation

We’ve been reviewing some of the information around business valuation and legacy. Part of that includes evaluating how you begin planning for your exit from the business.  It will happen someday. This is one of those key areas that has to be thought of from a legacy mindset.  To exit a business well requires significant [...]

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