Think About Future Horizons to Avoid Plateaus

Are you thinking beyond your current horizon? As you do strategic planning you need to keep three horizons in perspective. The first horizon is one focused on your current business. This horizon is all about strategies and tactics needed to extend and defend the existing core business. The lens for this horizon is 0-12 months. [...]

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Expanding Our Mindset and Preparing to Innovate

By Israel Lang In the first blog post of this series I introduced my concern that most small to midmarket IT organizations are failing to innovate. They have shifted into the status quo of cost leadership, trying to maintain margins or remain competitive in an MSP market that all tastes a bit vanilla bland. You [...]

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Houston, we have a problem: 3 Mindsets that Keep You Stuck

In my career spanning a bit over 20 years in the IT industry, I have seen the Internet  penetrate rural America and the cell phone transform from a flip phone to the iPhone X.  I have also seen evolutions within the service models used by MSPs. Now I sit on the other side of the [...]

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Patterns and Trends

One of the many powerful constructs used in StratOp is Pattern and Trends. It's a simple concept but provides insightful perspective used to put the right plan in place. During the StratOp process, our facilitators, coaches and consultants consistently see a few patterns and subsequent trends that begin to emerge. A typical progression of an [...]

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My “Year of Impact and Adventure” – What is your 2017 Rallying Cry?

Well, it’s almost over…my 60th year of life. My three daughters, three sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren threw a weekend-long birthday party for me at a church camp the girls attended when they were young.  What a joy-filled celebration! The Olympic-themed event opened with its own torch - a burning marshmallow on a stick carried by a [...]

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Accountability: Getting to “Why”

In this series we have been examining how to build an accountable culture.  This final post will focus on a myth around accountability and transforming our mindset to help get to motivation. One of the biggest myths surrounding accountability is that people do not want to do something and that is the reason they are [...]

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Lack of Accountability: Stop Lying to Yourself. It’s a Big Deal.

Got results?  If not, a lack of accountability may be part of the reason.  Accountability and execution are interlinked.  Without accountability, execution tends to lag. In this blog series we are examining several ways to build an accountable culture.  The first post in the series focused on the importance of cultivating a high-trust environment. Trust [...]

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Accountability: First, stabilize your pyramid.

Accountability is a buzz word in the workplace.  Everyone knows that it is important, and most would voice a desire to cultivate a culture of accountability. These are valid desires.  High performance teams have engaged employees who have high trust in one another and in the organization and understand how to foster accountability. When people [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (part 4)

The fourth aspect of replenishment involves managing our spiritual energy well.  The word spiritual does have a connection to faith and our reliance on God or a higher power, but it is broader than that. It also encompasses a sense of identity and purpose.  Spiritual energy involves connecting with our deeply held core values and [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (Part 3)

Drained.  Exhausted.  Depleted.  These are all words that can often point to the most overlooked type of replenishment and one every leader needs: Emotional Replenishment. In this blog series we have been discussing energy management as a vital component to a leader’s performance.  Accessing pleasant and positive emotions is what enables our ability to excel [...]

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