execution Tag All blog entries tagged as execution http://www.htgpeergroups.com/blog/latest.html Thu, 18 Dec 2014 08:13:09 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Common Traits of Founders as Entrepreneurs http://www.htgpeergroups.com/blog/entry/common-traits-of-founders-as-entrepreneurs.html http://www.htgpeergroups.com/blog/entry/common-traits-of-founders-as-entrepreneurs.html The idea for this blog came from something that came across my desk and seemed worthy of sharing.  I spend a lot of time training entrepreneurs to transition to leaders – to move from founder to CEO.  That is a tough change to make.  There are parts of being the creator of a company that becomes part of us.  So growing from that role, to a role viewed as more stale and less fun is a challenge.

Founders are amazing.  They make the world go round.  They build value and create jobs . They are the people who see, and then create, the future.

As you would expect, personal traits and business leadership traits are intertwined.  The most common traits that I see in the best entrepreneurs are:

  1. They see differently.  They have unique vision and a different point of view from the norm.  They also have the ability to sell it to all kinds of people and get them to buy in to their vision. 
  2. They think big.  They have a much bigger agenda than is often apparent and the drive to pursue that agenda whole heartedly with reckless abandon.
  3. They execute.  At least on their vision and agenda.  They likely don’t do so well on the core business needs.  Those details don’t seem important.  But when it comes to taking their dream and driving toward making it a success, they are obsessed.  They will not fail.
  4. They usually have real life expertise they have learned the hard way – through the school of hard knocks.  Seldom do they have a whole lot of business training, but they have learned some of the key lessons in life by living in the trenches.
  5. They have the ability to connect the dots.  They are usually extremely talented at what they do and have deep subject matter expertise and can connect all the areas that need to be part of getting their business off the ground.
  6. They have very high personal integrity.  Their business will not succeed without it.  It comes down to high levels of honesty and strong personal traits.  People do business with people.
  7. They overcome adversity.  Every new startup will hit bumps in the road. All will have difficult problems to overcome.  All founders will have their emotions stretched to the limit.
  8. They operate with transparency because that is how they win people over.  They use open communications and candor, even if it means communicating bad news.
  9. They have been there and done that. They just keep on. Once they have a company up and successful, they are usually bored and off to their next challenge.
  10. They often have a chip on their shoulder and have something to prove.  They are highly motivated and fiercely competitive.
  11. They don’t give up.  They have stick-with-it-ness and will stay the course.  Along the way they will make plenty of course corrections, but they never throw in the towel

These are endearing traits and are critical to get a business up and running.  The problem is these wonderful traits it won’t keep it growing and successful over time.  That is where the leadership transition has to kick in.  That is where we need to grow from entrepreneur/founder into CEO/leader.  It’s a big step, but one we all need to make and take!

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HTG Mantra http://www.htgpeergroups.com/blog/entry/73-htg-mantra.html http://www.htgpeergroups.com/blog/entry/73-htg-mantra.html
The reality is that unless growth is a focus, there is no guarantee that execution will have the kind of impact that is desired. There has to be a concerted effort to move toward growth to make sure it will occur. It is part of the fabric of HTG, and while it was always assumed, it now will be very visible for all to see. It has been apparent for some time that the mission of HTG had to move beyond best practices to process development and prescriptive guidance. At our April Summit, we announced the continuing transition to that strategy which was first announced in February 2007 as part of what was called the HTG Business Triangle at that time. Members in more mature and longer running groups were identifying the fact that true change cannot be driven by best practice sharing. It requires a similar approach that any pro athlete takes when trying to refine their game. They don’t bring in a group of people to give them ideas and suggestions to consider. They hire the best coach available, practice all the time, and tweak their game until it is the best it can possibly be. This is where we are in the evolution of HTG.

We are now shifting from best practices being the focus, to peer review and coaching. Peers will still be the magic of HTG, but not in sharing what they do in a vacuum but rather looking deeply at the other members businesses and giving guidance that will lead to growth. We will get prescriptive in offering guidance that directly translates to the business operating platform so specific tweaks can be suggested for immediate implementation. We want to shortcut the time to change from months to weeks or even days. It is critical if HTG is to provide the maximum ROI for the investment our members make to participate.

HTG is committed to being a change agent for our members companies and lives. We are not content to just offer ideas and suggestions, which is what best practices really have been. The future is to drive deeper into offering real change for one another that moves the needle toward growth each quarter by sending members home with actionable goals that can be implemented quickly to drive maximum impact and return. So accountability is not going away – it will continue to be a differentiator in the HTG peer program. And as we hold one another accountable to business and personal growth we will be fulfilling the mission we have of helping each member become more successful and profitable in the marketplace as they achieve goals, plans and dreams.]]>
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