About Rich Anderson

Rich Anderson is an executive coach with HTG Peer Groups where he is most energized by helping people plan and execute around their priorities. He also presents engaging workshops on understanding your team's personalities and navigating team dysfunctions. He facilitates strategic LifePlans. Prior to his affiliation with HTG, Rich was a private practice attorney where his practice included advising small business owners from startup through succession, estate planning, and conflict resolution. Rich also served four terms in the Iowa Legislature.

My “Year of Impact and Adventure” – What is your 2017 Rallying Cry?

Well, it’s almost over…my 60th year of life. My three daughters, three sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren threw a weekend-long birthday party for me at a church camp the girls attended when they were young.  What a joy-filled celebration! The Olympic-themed event opened with its own torch - a burning marshmallow on a stick carried by a [...]

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Life and Leadership Lessons from the Churchill War Rooms

“This is the room from which I will direct the war,” stated Winston Churchill upon becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on May 10, 1940, as he entered the windowless off-white basement room.  Today, in central London, the Churchill War Rooms Museum provides a fascinating look into the historic British World War II effort.  [...]

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“Hum-bility” – Leadership Lessons I Learned Sailing Lake Superior

I didn’t have a clue how to sail that day when I was 18.  I hoisted the sail in that small dingy; by trial and error I figured it out.   I didn’t know what to call it back then, but I got stuck on a lee shore, got out, freed my trusty craft, turned her [...]

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The Voice and The Choice – Lessons I Learned at the Beach

Walking along a lonely stretch of beach, you hear a cry for help from a man struggling in the surf.  You immediately feel two impulses: one is to rush out into the surf to help and the other is to remain safely where you are.  But there is a third thing present, something telling you [...]

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Dear? Is that a deer?  Legacy Planning - Preparing for the Unexpected.  What to do now? It is a beautiful day.  You are driving down the road - day dreaming:  You have worked hard in your business.  You are proud of how you have grown over the years from an apprentice to an expert in [...]

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Leveraging the Power of Peers

Moving from Success to Significance After I retired from practicing law and serving four terms in the Iowa House of Representatives, one of my former clients asked me to join him in what he was calling a move from “success to significance.” I knew he had started a business peer group in the IT channel. [...]

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