About Laurie Sorensen

Laurie Sorensen serves as a Learning Architect with HTG where she is energized by thinking, planning, speaking and writing on topics to help HTG members grow their leadership. One of the best aspects of her job is her role as a certified LifePlan facilitator who gets to walk with people on a journey of discovery as they unleash their purpose through guided perspective. Laurie is the author of the Planning for Success workbook which guides people through Business, Leadership, Life, and Legacy planning the HTG Way. She blends her intuitive ability to connect with people and her passion for HTG as she designs learning experiences that help people to grow personally and go home equipped to make a difference for others. Outside of work hours you can find Laurie spending time with international students or volunteering with Safe Families, a ministry that helps to stabilize families in need.

Accountability: Getting to “Why”

In this series we have been examining how to build an accountable culture.  This final post will focus on a myth around accountability and transforming our mindset to help get to motivation. One of the biggest myths surrounding accountability is that people do not want to do something and that is the reason they are [...]

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Lack of Accountability: Stop Lying to Yourself. It’s a Big Deal.

Got results?  If not, a lack of accountability may be part of the reason.  Accountability and execution are interlinked.  Without accountability, execution tends to lag. In this blog series we are examining several ways to build an accountable culture.  The first post in the series focused on the importance of cultivating a high-trust environment. Trust [...]

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Accountability: First, stabilize your pyramid.

Accountability is a buzz word in the workplace.  Everyone knows that it is important, and most would voice a desire to cultivate a culture of accountability. These are valid desires.  High performance teams have engaged employees who have high trust in one another and in the organization and understand how to foster accountability. When people [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (part 4)

The fourth aspect of replenishment involves managing our spiritual energy well.  The word spiritual does have a connection to faith and our reliance on God or a higher power, but it is broader than that. It also encompasses a sense of identity and purpose.  Spiritual energy involves connecting with our deeply held core values and [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (Part 3)

Drained.  Exhausted.  Depleted.  These are all words that can often point to the most overlooked type of replenishment and one every leader needs: Emotional Replenishment. In this blog series we have been discussing energy management as a vital component to a leader’s performance.  Accessing pleasant and positive emotions is what enables our ability to excel [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (Part 2)

Where are you when you get your best ideas? Are you surprised at the answer?  I was.  For most of us, our answers include things like “walking outside,” “on a lazy morning in bed,” “running,” “listening to music,” or “in the shower.” The path to creativity and intellectual breakthroughs is counterintuitive.  Rather than pushing ourselves [...]

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The Value of a Service Exec Peer Group: Three Members’ Perspectives

Since 2015 HTG has offered Peer Groups for Service Executives, with eight groups currently in North America and Europe and one group launching in the APAC region this winter.  These peer groups meet twice a year in person for a day and a half.  They also have a two hour group call with their facilitator [...]

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PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment

Arlin Sorensen, Rich Anderson, and I are certified LifePlan facilitators.  Part of the LifePlan process involves teaching people about the need to create a replenishment cycle. They walk with clients to examine their habits around four areas of their lives: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual.  Each area is examined to see how they spend energy [...]

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Changing Our View of a Four Letter Word

We can learn a lot from toddlers.  Seriously.  This weekend I was able to go with my friend and her family (which included two toddlers) to an amusement park for a full day of fun activity. I noticed something the two toddlers seemed to understand intuitively that we adults would do well to remember and [...]

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The Need for Replenishment

Recently I read the story of a leader whose name and job could have been swapped out for many of the hundreds of leaders we work with.  We’ll call him Ryan. Ryan gave voice to a what is unfortunately far too common, saying, “When I first started my career I was passionate and energized.  I [...]

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