PIES: A Recipe for Replenishment (part 4)

The fourth aspect of replenishment involves managing our spiritual energy well.  The word spiritual does have a connection to faith and our reliance on God or a higher power, but it is broader than that.

It also encompasses a sense of identity and purpose.  Spiritual energy involves connecting with our deeply held core values and living out a sense of purpose that is beyond ourselves.

Our spiritual energy is what motivates us and provides a sense of direction.  It is what gives us the strength to persevere in the face of adversity.

I don’t agree with much of the philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche espoused, but he said something that is powerful when it comes to thinking about Spiritual Replenishment:

“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”

It reminds us that when we have a purpose firmly in view, we can persevere through trying circumstances as we live out that purpose.

Living missionally allows us to feel replenished spiritually because we are committed to a cause bigger than ourselves and are acting with integrity.  It fuels our passion and makes us feel fully alive.

It is a balancing act that involves an outward focus and an inner rest.  Spiritual replenishment involves having an outward focus beyond yourself, a commitment to others.

It equally requires adequate self-care.  We renew our spirit by seeking rhythms of rest and reflecting on how we live out our core values.  As we live aligned with who we are, we are deeply renewed.

So what?  Now what?  How do we spiritually replenish?

  1. Spend time thinking about your purpose. What is your purpose?  What is your mission in life – the reason why you exist?  What are you living for that is beyond you as an individual?
  1. Connect with your values. What are your 3-5 core values?  Are you living in alignment with what you say is most meaningful and inspiring to you?  If so, does you life demonstrate those values?
  1. Find a way to serve. How are you living beyond yourself?  Who are you helping?  It could be mentoring others, volunteering at a church or charitable organization, donating your time or talent to help with a cause that makes you passionate.
  1. Visualize yourself living missionally. If you live the next 20 years in alignment with your values and purpose, where will you be?

Spiritual replenishment (and all replenishment) is about creating and maintaining a reservoir of energy.  It involves reflection and serving others.   Perhaps for you spiritual replenishment includes prayer or meditation, reading an inspirational book, listening to a speaker about spiritual or reflective topics, enjoying music or spending time in nature.

Don’t wait until you feel depleted to set aside time to replenish.  Make it a priority to discover what replenishes you spiritually and to engage in those activities regularly.  This will ensure that you have a reservoir of spiritual energy available to you all the time.

HTG Peer Groups has trained facilitators on staff who facilitate a 2 day one-on-one LifePlan experience.  The LifePlan is a great system for walking you through identifying your purpose and then crafting a vision for the future.  Contact Dennis O’Connell to find out more or to schedule your LifePlan today.

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About the Author:

Laurie Sorensen serves as a Learning Architect with HTG where she is energized by thinking, planning, speaking and writing on topics to help HTG members grow their leadership. One of the best aspects of her job is her role as a certified LifePlan facilitator who gets to walk with people on a journey of discovery as they unleash their purpose through guided perspective. Laurie is the author of the Planning for Success workbook which guides people through Business, Leadership, Life, and Legacy planning the HTG Way. She blends her intuitive ability to connect with people and her passion for HTG as she designs learning experiences that help people to grow personally and go home equipped to make a difference for others. Outside of work hours you can find Laurie spending time with international students or volunteering with Safe Families, a ministry that helps to stabilize families in need.

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